Here's a picture from our latest TurboJam shoot. We filmed two AMAZING cardio workouts in LA at the end of July - both workouts using an exercise ball. It was so intense, but so fun! That's my sister in the yellow and me; the girl in braids on the far left of your screen. Here we are so happy to be finished with the TEN HOUR day of filming cardio!


Personal Training in YOUR home!

That's right... I will come to you! Whether you're looking to lose fat, gain strength, improve energy, or all of the above (and then some!), finding the time, energy, motivation, knowledge to make it happen is so much easier with an in-home Personal Trainer. I bring the weights, bands, music, whatever is needed to your home or wherever it's most convenient for YOU. I provide you with heatlthy eating and fitness know-how to help you get as lean and fit as you want to be, and.....I keep you motivated to stay that way!
I am currently accepting new clients (female only) that live within a 10-mile radius of the Village of Ottawa Hills. The session times I have available vary. To schedule fitness training or inquire further, please email me at jsumm_home@yahoo.com. ...That's an underscore ( _ ) between jsumm and home.

Initial Consultation: $50/per hour (includes assessment of fitness needs and goals)

One-Person Session Rates:
Pay Per Session $65/hour
4-7 Sessions Pre-Paid $59/hour
8 or more Sessions Pre-Paid $55/hour

Two Clients per Session:
Pay Per Session $35/per person per hour
4-11 Sessions Pre-Paid $32/per person per hour
12 or more Sessions Pre-Paid $29/per person per hour